She Series


She Series


When I started my SHE series of paintings, I thought it was just for me to speak truth to my broken heart and the lies I so easily believe.... turns out so many others battle the same things day in and day out. SHE, is all of us, my prayer is that these pieces speak life to our hearts, that the true words of the Father will be the ones we treasure in our hearts, and they will equip us to walk confidently as who God created us to be. 



REDEEMED is the first piece in my SHE series. Truly i painted it for myself to combat the lies I so often believe to be true. I felt the Lord prompt me that if I continued to believe the lies of the enemy hath it would kill my spirit. After painting this piece I realized this battle for truth is one all of us face, and so began the SHE series. The words of life written on her face read: You are loved, free, worthy, enough, chosen, beautiful, righteous, mine, complete, anointed, valuable, treasured, wanted, redeemed, a child of God. 


As I created this SIGNIFICANT piece, my heart was drawn to the woman who's ever felt forgotten. Maybe your life does not look like you imagined it would, you are significant and God is for you. You can trust him to write your story every single day. These words are for you: My darling you are crafted intentionally, my treasure, beautiful chosen, righteous and loved, a worshipper, anointed by God, wanted and free, gifted, significant.


You've probably heard the statement, it is for freedom that you have been set FREE. The problem is that so often as women, I think we doubt that we are actually are who we're meant to be, and so we trade bondage and lies for the freedom that is rightfully ours. If you've ever struggled to take hold of the freedom to be yourself confidently then this my dear is crafted for your heart. Reading: My treasure, you are chosen and free, it is for freedom that I have set you free, you are seen, known, loved, valuable, enough, brave, be unafraid for I am with you always. 



Strength is a hard thing, as women we are naturally so STRONG, we work hard for the ones we love and are resilient beings. But when we feel weak... those are the hardest times. Those are the moments that will stop us in our tracks and keep us from continuing, but truly- it is then that we are most strong because He is strong on our behalf. So sisters, these words are for you: My love, you are strong when you feel weak, I am with you always, you are treasured, protected, surrounded, equipped and able. 

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This was one of my favorite pieces to paint in the series because I had a lot of input from other women, specifically on the words of life that adorn the canvas. Across cultures we are uniquely different but we are sisters just the same, we desire to be SEEN for who we are, who God made us to be. To all my sisters: My daughter you are royalty, seen and beloved, known, strong, worthy, a treasured example, warrior, loved forever, free, more than a conquerer. 


There are women among us who have no voice. A few years ago I spent a brief time in a middle eastern country. As I saw the women there I was intrigued by their beauty and at the same time I felt sad for their lack of freedom. I painted this on behalf of them. A word from God to those REMEMBERED: I chose you before the creation of the world to be my daughter, loved, not forgotten, seek me and you'll find me, I am not a distant father but always close, my love for you is great. 



There is something so special about the SHE's who have gone before us and paved the way. They are wise and not forgotten, treasured and such a blessing to the ones who come behind them. This RADIANT painting is an ode to every one of them. We are grateful for you, mothers grandmothers, and mentors who have poured into us that we may grow strong and continue the  legacy begun by you! 

It reads: You are radiant my daughter, wise and treasured by many, loved, beautiful and never forgotten, kind, generous, peace keeper and advocate. 


I love the beauty of the woman on this canvas, the form of her God crafted body and the unknown nature of her story. We don't know where she's been or where she'll go in the future. But it can surely be said of her as a child of God, that she is LOVED. Isn't that what we all desire? When we know that we are loved by another it fills a gap in our heart that can not be explained or satisfied in any other way. That is Christ's love for us: My darling you are kind and lovely, generous, valued, worthy of love, strong and able, enough, my treasured possession, favored, loved.


The WARRIOR piece was painted for the heart of women in the midst of a battle, like our friend Trudy who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. Whether it's a medical battle or something else you're walking through, the words on this canvas are purposed to bring you strength and encouragement along the way.  My prayer is that this artwork is a banner of victory you can wave as you walk through your battle. It reads: My daughter I have made you strong for the battle, you are treasured, not alone, beautiful and loved, protected, able, seen and surrounded, heard, known, loved, my concern, warrior.