The LITTLES Pack- Classic Version

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The LITTLES Pack- Classic Version

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Only available till we sell out, this is our classic version of the LITTLES pack. Get it while you can!

The #scripturedoodle LITTLES pack is just right for you and your preschooler. Here you find everything needed to get you started being creative + in the word with your child. 

Exclusively for our LITTLES pack we've partnered with Jenna Surratt to bring Truthcards and #scripturedoodle together. Truthcards: a set of 52 verse flash cards, are an incredible tool for Bible memorization and they pair perfectly with our LITTLES pack. This pack is designed to help you cultivate faith building moments with your child. We've put together study tips and easy step by step instructions on how to do it. 

One of the best gifts we can give our children is a love for the word of God; and we hope #scripturedoodle helps you do that. 

We recommend the LITTLES pack for children ages 2-6. If you have older children check out our KIDS pack and our WATERCOLOR or COLOUR Pack

The LITTLES Pack Includes: 

(2) #scripturedoodle pencils
(1) Prismacolor magic rub eraser
(1) Pencil Sharpener
(1) #scripturedoodle spiral bound Journal (blank pages)
(1) #scripturedoodle screen printed cotton drawstring bag
(1) #scripturedoodle study guide
(1) sample #scripturedoodle mini print
(1) Set of 8 JUMBO Crayons OR (1) Pack of 12 Crayola Colored Pencils
(1) Set of Truthcards: 52 cards in the set. Each card has a photo on one side and a corresponding Bible verse on the other side. 

Journal Dimensions:

Drawstring Bag Dimensions: